Monday, June 17, 2019

Now Life is Giving me Bats?

I was getting ready to make some lunch and glanced over into the dining room. It's dim in there even with the lights on and for a moment I was wondering what the boys had stuck to the ceiling and why...because there's been a long history of random things taped up in places. 

Then I took a closer look...from a safe distance because if that was what I thought it might be I didn't want to startle it.

I can't blame the boys for this one.

So when there's a bat on the porch, you don't go out that door and you keep the kids away until night falls and your new little friend  flies away. When there's a bat on the ceiling of your dining room...what do you do?

In our case, we called the local wildlife hospital to confirm that my plan wasn't stupid. Then we put a box up under the bat and used a thin sheet of cardboard to knock her down into the box and moved her out to the barn. She'll have a cool dark place to get through the rest of the day and that's probably where she came from in the first place.

A couple of years ago, life was giving me spiders to blog about. This time it was something a lot bigger and maybe a little more stressful. 

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