Sunday, June 09, 2019

The Invisible Man

Friday morning the fourth room for the Universal Monsters SAL was revealed....

This is how far I got on the invisible man's lab before bedtime Friday night. It would've been further except I was scrambling to find several of the colors, which are in with other projects. I still need the blue for the sky in the framed picture and another shade of yellow for the light bulb.

We get one new room every second Friday (I think) and my goal is to have all of the rooms I've started done before the next piece of the pattern is released. Maybe if I stitch quickly, I'll also be able to start The Mummy.

I could actually get caught up! How are you when it comes to stitch alongs? Are you one of those people who stays completely on schedule, or one who is always way behind?

1 comment:

Amanda Best said...

I am not really a cross stitcher, but this is so darling I might have to start, thanks for sharing, I will be looking forward to what comes next!


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