Wednesday, January 09, 2019

{I've Been Reading} Catch Me if Yukon

Catch Me if Yukon by Maddy Hunter

Emily and her tour group of travelling seniors are touring Alaska and, as always, they're in a heated competition to see who can post the most viral photo online. The twist is that this time one of them  snaps an accidental picture of what appears to be Bigfoot and it does draw media attention, much to the dismay of the other group members. Not that Emily has a lot of time to deal with that -- as usual with one of her tours, there's been a fatality and the local authorities are involved.

This may be my favorite so far in the Passport to Peril series. The mystery is complex and intriguing. Emily's husband, Etienne, is travelling with her and the chemistry between the two of them is always wonderful. Jackie is back in Iowa, leading her own tour group and if you've read other books in the series you can probably imagine how that's going.

An Anonymous Girl by Green Hendricks and Sarah Pekanen

When she finds out about a study on ethics and morality, Jess is eager to take part. It means misrepresenting herself a bit, but she could definitely use an extra five hundred dollars and all she has to do is answer a few questions on a computer.

The  first part of the book pulled me in fast.  I found myself answering the questions in my own head as I read Jess's answers. Then the pace shifted. This one wasn't quite as entertaining as The Wife Between Us, the previous book by these authors, but it was still a suspenseful read as I watched to see how much Jess was willing to do to remain part of the survey.

Disclosure -- The publishers provided me with advance review copies. 

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