Saturday, January 05, 2019

Not Quite an Instant Pot, but Close Enough

I've been wanting an Instant Pot. A few years back, I mentioned it to my husband and he reminded me that we already have several pressure cookers I don't use. Those are his toys, not mine.

 Something must have changed, because for Christmas he ordered me a Zavor LUX LCD multi-cooker. Its not an Instant Pot, but his research convinced him that it was a better option. I don't know why. I just want to be able to dry beans and make a roast in a hurry and make a cheesecake. This will do all of that, plus a bunch of other things, so I'm happy.

In the week since Fedex  abandoned the box on my doorstep, I've used it to cook a batch of rice and to cook dry beans that I then used in taco soup. Next on my list of things to try are baked apples and French dip sandwiches.  I used the Kohl's Cash that we got when we purchased the cooker to buy a bundt pan and a spring form cake pan, which increases my options even more.

The only thing I don't love is that I can't find an online forum  or any videos about this particular multi-cooker. I want someone to hold my hand and show me which buttons to push. Do any of you have a Zavor brand multi-cooker? Or, regardless of what brand you own, do you have a recipe or technique I should try? 


Andra Gayle said...

We LOVE our instant pot! Use it almost every day!

Ila said...

Santa gave me an Instant Pot for Christmas...which seems weird to me - I don't cook! But I'm guessing they're all pretty similar. This is the website I use for recipes. He has a YouTube channel, too
Hope you learn to love yours. I've made a pot roast and I'm pretty impressed.

Dar said...

I have had an Instant Pot for more than 2 years and STILL LOVE Mine. I almost wish I had another one so I can do 2 things at the same time. I do understand they have a smaller size now available. I've made delicious, quick BBQ baby back ribs, cheesecakes, of course a dozen
hard boiled eggs for deviled eggs or any place you might need one (on salads, in tuna or egg salad). They cook in 5 mins and peel easily with a perfect shape every time. I bought an extra book especially for the Instant Pot and it reminds me of those books that start with "Such and Such for Dummies'. The roasts, chili, rice, yogurt and almost everything has come out great, when you have someone holding your


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