Sunday, January 06, 2019

Stitching on Linen Again

I used to stitch on linen, but in the fifteen years since I packed up my cross stitching, my eyes have not improved. Even back then, linen wasn't particularly easy for me. 

The plan was to start stitching this project up at Acorns and Threads where the lighting is much better than the lighting at home. I can stitch on aida there without taking off my glasses and holding my project right up to my face.

The tip of the blue crayon was already stitched, because this is a thrifted kit. I wanted to pick it out so that the entire piece would be my own stitching, but didn't know if I'd have enough thread to redo it and I also worried that the overdyed thread might have stained the linen. What I just realized that I didn't do was count the previous owner's stitches to make sure they were correct.  Ooops! I hope that doesn't come back to haunt me.

Turns out this wasn't the best linen to start with. I figured that since it was a ninety-nine cent thrift store kit and an easy pattern it was a good candidate, but the weave is uneven and loose and not at all easy for me to stitch on. (If you've got better eyes or more patience than I have, I'm jealous!)

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