Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Nail Polish Bottle Zipper Bag Tutorial

You know how they put displays in the checkout line so that things will jump into your cart? The Dollar Tree had glittery red vinyl pencil cases and as soon as I picked one up I knew I wanted to cut it apart and sew something with it. It came home with me. 

It took half the drive home for me to figure out that I was going to make a zipper bag shaped like a nail polish bottle, and another couple of days to figure out that I'd need a second red glittery pouch and a black one for the lid, and maybe some clear vinyl for the air space because if I'm going to do something like this I'm going to make it as complicated as possible.

Except for the zipper. I was able to cut the bag apart in a way that let me keep the zipper in place and not add one from my own stash.

The plan was to take still pictures and write up a tutorial, but I forgot to tell my fourteen-year-old camera man so all we've got is video and one progress  picture -- and I know most of you can figure it out from there! Cut the two red bags so that one has the zipper running down the center and one is a plain piece. Cut a clear bag into two rectangles for the air place and a black bag into two smaller rectangles for the lid. Tape the zipper so it doesn't fall apart until you've got things sewn together. And, whatever you do, please please please leave that zipper open so that you can turn the bag once you've got the front and back sewn together!


Sandra :) said...

I saw this posted at craftgossip and came over for a closer look - the nail polish bag is totally adorable, and now I'm on the hunt for some vinyl bags to try it out :D Thank you for the video and tutorial - and for such fun inspiration!

Sandra :) said...

OOPS - I forgot to say that I like sewing bags for the ladies in my life - friends, family, neighbours - this would be such a cute little "just because" gift for them ... and for me (HA!) :)


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