Sunday, January 13, 2019

I'm Going to Start Stitching on Sanctuary

After lots and lots of winding on Saturday night, all of my floss is bobbinated and in numerical order in a brand new project box. At least I think it is -- I didn't check the skeins against the chart, but if a color or two is missing I'll have them other places in my stash. Pulling this one out makes more sense than starting something else from scratch and I really want to work on more full coverage pieces.  

I know I was working on Sanctuary when I started the blog fifteen years ago, but I can't remember actually ever stitching on it. I've got a vague image in my mind of it on a scroll frame, and the way the top edge of the fabric is crimped confirms that.  Did I pack it away with the rest of my stitching, or had I already set it aside because something had gone wrong? The fabric is gridded and the gates will be easy enough to find on the chart, so I guess I'm going to find out soon. 

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Suze said...

Good luck, Michelle. I bought fabric for two different cross stitch projects at the end of December. I haven't taken either of them out of the package from the store or pulled the floss. I made three projects of the Holy Family. It's Mary watching over Baby Jesus and then Joseph in 1/2 stitch in the background. I did one for my mother, one for my MIL, and one for my aunt-in-law. They are all deceased and I did not get one back. I did not expect any of them. Now it's time to do one for me. I couldn't find my pattern and ordered one from ETSY. Now, I can't find it and found my original. It's torn from the center of the magazine. My son is 41 and an Eagle Scout. I decided to stitch the face of an eagle on black cloth for him. I stitch a Shih Tzu dog years ago on black and it wasn't too bad when I put a white bath towel under it. So, I've got two big projects. I have no idea when I'll start. I'm fighting a deep depression that the doctor cannot seem to get the meds regulated. At least I have an idea of something I'd like to tackle when the fog lifts. I'm going to be watching your progress.


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