Monday, January 14, 2019

My Days are Full of Yarn

Sometimes that's less fun than it might sound. I didn't get to the laundromat early enough on Saturday so I had to camp out and wait for a big machine to open up but that meant I made some progress on the new shawl and read a few chapters of the new book in Gigi Pandian's Accidental Alchemist series. And now we've got clean towels and socks. As much as I don't love the laundromat, getting everything washed in one thirty minute session isn't a bad thing. 

I'm still keeping my plans tentative as the bug works its way through the house, but so far so good. I'll get it or I won't and there's nothing coming up in my life that can't be rescheduled if I need to.

To Do This Week

-- set up sewing machine for filming new tutorial
-- wind second skein of yarn for January socks
-- finish Open a New Box Daily
-- make that cheesecake in the pressure cooker

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