Saturday, January 26, 2019

Art Nouveau Pie Crust

One of the members of our local stitching group has been posting her amazing antique finds on Instagram. Her Habitat for Humanity is so much better than ours! (And, because we drive to the meetups from opposite directions, it's way beyond my reasonable day trip range.)

One of her finds,an antique frame with an intriguing rattle under the backing paper, got me thinking about this print and its frame and wondering if maybe it had a fancy name. Google did not answer my questions but, according to Lori, it's an Art Nouveau Pie Crust frame. 

Winter Scene in Art Nouveau Pie Crust Frame

My original plan when I found this in the bins at the Goodwill outlet was to use the frame for a sampler or something. I'd design a whole project just to fit that frame with those gorgeous corners....but it seems wrong to take out the print when they've been together for so many years. And the print is growing on me a bit even if it makes me feel cold just looking at it.

There's also the poor condition to maybe consider. There are some big chips of wood missing, but that's probably what landed it in the bins and let me find it in the first place. I can be happy with damaged antiques that I otherwise would never own. As much as I adore this frame, I wouldn't spend antique shop prices to have it in my life.

I also love having knowledgeable friends who can help me identify things.

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