Thursday, January 17, 2019

{Estate Sale Temptations} Are TV Trays Really Worth That?

The ad said that they didn't think she'd ever thrown anything out. That was definitely an exaggeration, but it was still a fun sale to look through.

There were a couple of pieces of vintage needlepoint. 

I kind of wanted to buy the tomato and cut it open the way Andrea Schewe did a few years back, but my fear of tetanus was stronger than my curiosity. The velvet one looked like it had been made from canning jar rings and metallic trim.

I want one of these milk glass dishes because all of my stitching friends are buying them and putting embroidery scissors through the holes, but I hope if I can hold out until estate sale season this summer I can find a less expensive one. Or a cuter one.

I'm going to regret not buying this for two bucks. How cute would that be to organize fabric scraps in?

These TV trays keep popping up in my life. I have an identical set out in our barn that I was on the verge of throwing out until I saw them on someone else's blog last year. How can the same exact thing look so much cuter when it belongs to someone else? (And how can these things be this expensive? Even if they're half price on Saturday, that still seems like a lot of money for Grandma's old TV trays that no one wanted.)

I bought a stack of nice wooden frames for three dollars that might or might not fit any of my cross stitch projects. And had fun browsing.


Tami Von Zalez said...

$50 for a TV tray set, are they hallucinating?

Jeanne said...

Oh, that laundry cart would have come home with me for sure!!!

ytsmom said...

My Mom had one of those milk glass dishes. I don't think it came home with me. Hmmm, oh well!


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