Tuesday, January 08, 2019

{Tutorial} Mason Jar Needle Minders

Needle minders have to be one of the best accessories that cross stitchers have come up with. Two strong magnets hold the needleminder to your project and it provides you with a secure place to rest your needle while you're cutting a new length of thread or taking a break from stitching.

They're cute and fun to collect and you can make your own with just a little bit of effort and a few supplies. I'm seeing potential needle minders everywhere and these mason jar stickers from the Dollar Tree practically jumped off the shelf at me.

I already had everything on hand because I've been picking up cute little things with the intention of making them into needle minders. You can get the glue, called E6000, at Joann's or Hobby Lobby with a coupon. Joann's doesn't carry the magnets you need, but you can find them at Hobby Lobby or on Amazon.

To see how I reinforced the stickers to make them more suitable for use as needle minders, check out the short video that I put together.


Verna Groger said...

What a cute and handy idea - thanks for sharing! Would be a sweet gift for a stitcher.

Dar said...

I loved seeing this idea. I will start checking my Dollar Store for those cute stickers.
Thanks for the inspiration.

Jo said...

Great Idea Michelle!!


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