Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Still Learning to Use My Pressure Cooker

Since my last post, I've used the pressure cooker to make kidney beans, French dip sandwiches, banana French toast, unstuffed cabbage rolls, and chicken wings. Five recipes in twelve days isn't bad at all! And while I'm searching Pinterest to find out what I want to make, I'm finding things to do on the stove top or in the crock pot. (Yes, I know that the multi cooker also works as a slow cooker, but that afternoon it was easier to just stick with what I knew how to do.)

One lesson I'm learning from all of this is that I need to have a backup plan and be ready to try again. The beans were just on the edge of undercooked. If I'd brought the pot back up to pressure and cooked them just a little bit longer, dinner would have been better. Also, until I learn what I'm doing, I need to use it on nights that dinner can be a bit late. Hubby wound up eating a last minute sandwich while I added time to the chicken wings. He did get some before leaving for work that night, but I cut it way too close on that one.

Now that I've found it, I'm planning on following this step by step list from hip pressure cooking. I won't try all of the recipes, but at least I can read about the techniques and learn which buttons to push. I've got the "cook on high pressure" thing down, but there are other features to learn.

It really surprises me how angry many women in the online forums are at these machines. It's not the Instant Pot's fault that someone didn't like her spaghetti and had to order pizza. I'm wondering how bad the results had to be that it truly wasn't edible -- as awful at cooking as I sometimes am, we've almost never had a night that we couldn't/wouldn't eat dinner. There have been plenty of nights that dinner kind of sucked, but that's life.


Podunk Pretties said...

I love to cook quickly in a pressure cooker. My grannie and mom cooked with pressure cookers. The best food ever! Of course it could have been all the lard and bacon grease they added to everything. I use mine occasionally but never as good as grannies. Have fun playing with your new toy. Lets us know if you find a keeper recipe!

lvkwilt said...

I totally agree there is a learning curve on the Instant Pot, but it is a marvel when you do what you're supposed to do! The wonderful thing when you're cooking meat (Dr. Pepper pulled pork, for example) is that you can forget to do the release and let it sit and the meat will still be wonderful! I am still learning, but it is a wonderful tool in the kitchen...I have read that you really get better slow cooking results with an actual slow cooker since the Instant Pot is really intended as a pressure cooker. Sounds like you're on a roll with recipes!

Ila said...

We got one as a Christmas "gift" - pretty funny because neither one of us cooks! This is the website I've used...and, amazingly, the pot roast was really good! Hope you make friends with yours!

Ila said...

OK...that didn't work! Try this


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