Tuesday, November 15, 2011

wfmw - the space bar

Did you know that instead of scrolling down with your mouse wheel and hoping that it'll stop on the right line, you can use your space bar to page down through one screen of text at a time? It makes skimming through the eye candy on the quilt blogs much easier on your hands!

There are all kinds of useful shortcuts. Especially when your daughter's bird bites a hunk out of your mouse cord. There's a more detailed list here that shows which shortcuts work in which browsers.

Just a handful can make your life a lot easier. In addition to the helpful space bar, try these --

Ctrl + c -- copy
Ctrl + v -- paste
Ctrl + f -- find
F5 -- reloads the screen

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Jackie said...

I love keyboard shortcuts! I had never heard of the space bar one though. That's a great tip!

Anonymous said...

I had no idea!Thanks for the info :-)

Kayla said...

I did not know this either! great tip.

Lee said...

I'm all for shortcut keys to as I've had wrist problems. I'd never heard the one about the space bar, though I know there are page up and page down keys. Now if I could just figure out that Fn key on my laptop so I can use the "calculator" numbers and add things like the degree symbol..


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