Friday, November 25, 2011

skipping Black Friday (and showing off a finish)

I started this quilt early in 2008, probably not long after I started my first "real" quilt top. There was a smaller experiment before that one, but I don't really count that one. The Plan was to make a big quilt. I cut some squares, made some blocks, and then a bunch of other quilts happened.

And somehow along the way the plan changed. I convinced myself that the blocks I'd already pieced wouldn't work with the scraps I've got now. I didn't like the muslin I'd used for the block centers, and didn't have any more of it to make more that would match. I wasn't going to take the blocks apart and put them back together -- why do that when I could just make a fresh batch?

I assembled the blocks into a top. And I let them sit. They'd still be sitting if I hadn't gone looking for a project to finish this week. Of course now that they're quilted, I'm back to wanting a bed-size version. I really do love those tiny squares of fabric -- they finish to one and a half inches.

Most years, I'd have been out standing in line long before dawn, after Black Friday deals. This year, I was more excited about the second Orca Bay clue. And Bonnie did not disappoint!

I had a feeling the strings would make an appearance soon -- and here they are! Itty bitty strings which actually look a lot of fun to piece.


beaquilter said...

your top looks nice, I downloaded my orca clues too, never done string piecing, so we'll see how it goes.

Carli The Quilter said...

Your finish is again inspiring.Beautiful old timey feel to this quilt, its a keeper I'm sure!

I must ask, what is Black Friday?

Lori said...

I love the newest quilt.
Have fun working on the mystery. I chose not to do it this time.

Crafts a la Mode said...

Nice quilt. I went shopping yesterday at Joann's Fabrics. Bought lots of fleece. Take care, thanks for sharing your quilt. Linda

Jo said... are on such a roll Michelle. I love this one too. You always have the best scraps!

Rene' said...

Michelle, this a great quilt! Love all the colors with the white.

Ulla's Quilt World said...

Hi! Greetings from Finland! Your quilts are so fantastic! It's so nice to find other quilters all around the world! :)


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