Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Baby Quilt Binge - Day 4

I may need to start looking for another brightly colored sheet, because finding ways to combine this blue sheet with my scraps has been so much fun. Having the blue to work with took care of one big decision. All I had left to do was pick out a pattern and the right handful of scraps.

Last night, I pin basted and quilted Blue Sheet Quilt #1 and Blue Sheet Quilt #3 -- those names are terrible, but at least it helps me keep track of which is which!

Bear with me, I only got half of the binding sewn down last night before the migraine won and chased me off to bed.

This is the one that started it. I wanted to do the scrappy churn dash blocks and was getting ready to dig out a white sheet when I stumbled across the blue one.

Once these two around bound and I get the binding hand stitched on the kaleidoscope quilt, that'll be five of my ten baby quilts done. Now I've got to start the next five from scratch.

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beaquilter said...

the colors look great and fun, why don't you get muslin or some other solid colored cotton fabric instead? I'm just afraid the high thread content in sheets, once quilted won't last as long.... haven't tested it out, I understand it's cheaper. They look great though. how FUN

SewCalGal said...

I've always been partial to scrap quilts, but these are among my absolute favorites. Love them!



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