Saturday, November 05, 2011

blue sheet quilt #1

The blocks for the first blue sheet quilt are done. Somehow, I keep coming back to Churn Dashes, even though it's not one of my favorite blocks...maybe one of these days I'll figure out why!

I do like the way they look in this project. There are twenty different fabrics in each block, except for a couple I made at the end when I was running out of triangles.

Once I get the sashing on these blocks, I'll cut the rest of the squares I need for blue sheet quilt #2. And I'm almost positive I've got enough fabric left for #3.

I'm keeping my eye open for more bright solid sheets -- this is fun!


Angie said...

They are beauties---Churn Dash is one of MY favorite blocks and I don't think I've seen the blocks made with 'pieced' fabrics. I love it!!

Sarah Craig said...

Very pretty - I love the wild mix of fabrics! And have you seen the Desperate Housewife's block variations on the churn dash? It makes for a really interesting switch up! You can see multiple variations here....


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