Friday, November 04, 2011

purple and white finish

More proof that everything looks better once it's quilted!

This little purple and white top has been sitting since I cut the pieces while I was making the video for the Two Color Quilt. It was a wrinkled mess and I must've assembled these blocks in a hurry -- nothing lines up quite as well as it should.

I wasn't ever going to take those blocks apart and put them back together, so I pressed the worst of the wrinkles out and backed it with a purple striped sheet.

And I got the tutorial for the bats done before Halloween. And helped my daughter with a finish of her own that I can't blog about here because it's hers, but believe me, I'm glad to see it done!

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Sarah Craig said...

Very pretty, Michelle!

Heather said...

That did turn out nice! And I'll bet it feels great to have it finished. :o)

(By the way, check your email, Michelle -- you're my lucky winner!)

Unknown said...

Great job! Sounds like a busy & productive week!
Whoop Whoop!


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