Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Barn Charm Tuesday

I love this old barn and its view of the mountains. It's next to a little white house that we drive by almost daily and the place is just so peaceful and well tended that passing by makes you feel that all is right with the world.

For more barns, visit Barn Charm Tuesday. There are some spectacular sunset shots, and an interior shot of sunlight emphasizing the gaps between the boards of an old barn.

Makes me want to go for a drive and look for old barns, but today we're staying home and I'm working on Orca Bay units. I set the timer yesterday and chain pieced hourglass units -- they really do go together fast if you can stop thinking of how MANY of them there are!


Anonymous said...

How lovely & sounds enchanting... plus, I always love a mountain view!

Thanks so much for joining Barn Charm, hope to see you back soon! =)

Beautiful quilts! =)))

Jill Wellington said...

At first I thought that blue mountain was the ocean! A barn in Hawaii...ha ha! Beautiful!

Kim, USA said...

Awesome shot!

The Barn

Lee Young said...

I saw those mossy oaks and was reminded of home. This could be a scene from my "wet land", and I love it. The barn on the ranch where I spent my childhood is now long gone, but NOT before I got one last, nice picture. I'll have to post it at my blog. Love those old barns, fewer and fewer every year.

scraphappy said...

Beautiful barn! The orca bay will be done before you know it. When you get burned out, just leave the subunits next to the machine and feed a few through each time you are there.


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