Tuesday, November 01, 2011

wfmw - Removing Glass Splinters

I couldn't think of anything good to write about for works for me Wednesday this week. Now I'm wishing that I still didn't have any ideas!

My teenage daughter was doing the dishes and had nested two juice glasses in the strainer. I picked them up to remind her not to do that because they suction together and it's almost impossible to get them apart...They came apart. Very easily. And left me with shards of glass in the palm of my right hand.

Splinter removal is not one of my skills. I got rid of the glass bits that were visible, and I think I might've snagged this last one out when I was pressing on it with a towel to stop the bleeding, which was almost nonexistent, but any amount of blood gives me the heebie jeebies lately.

Just in case, I Googled "glass splinter removal" to see if there's a method that doesn't involve digging blindly with a straight pin.

Suggestions included pressing a piece of tape onto the area and then peeling it off. Or applying a layer of white glue and letting it dry before peeling it off. Or applying a paste of baking soda and water to draw the splinter. And there was one article on how to remove a splinter with bacon fat...we won't be trying that one! There are also a lot of different suggestions at NaturalNews.com.

The best bit of new-to-me information was to apply a bit of Baby Oragel to the area to numb it before trying to get the splinter out with tweezers or a needle. With a pack of kids who insist on running outside without shoes, I'll be using that trick next summer!


Rebecca said...

I don't have any kids running around needing splinter or glass removal but I am headed out the door to pick up the ora-gel... seems like a must have for the first aid kit!!!!

Denise :) said...

LOL! Gosh, I wish I'd known about the oragel tip before having my stitches and staples out yesterday. I might have smeared some on when no one was looking!! Hope you got all the glass out and you're okay. Be careful of infection, okay? :)


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