Monday, November 28, 2011

Orca Bay Step 2 -- I may be a convert!

I was going to use muslin in my string blocks, because that's the way I always do it. Even after Bonnie said not to, I was going to go out and buy some really thin interfacing. The idea of ripping out paper scares me -- what if all of my seams fell apart?

Friday and the second clue came, and Bonnie was kind of adamant about not leaving anything in those blocks. She's never led me wrong before, so I took a deep breath and grabbed one of the phone books.

We live in the land of the thousand phone books. There's a book for the little town we live near, and one for the county, and another one for the county that has a different assortment of towns...and I have to have one for Salem where we do most of our shopping... Just to function, we need half a dozen. And they always deliver duplicates, and books by competing companies, and the whole thing is a bit ridiculous. But I've got phone books for string piecing! And for the kids to try out some of the things they saw on the Mythbusters phonebook episode.

I wasn't prepared for this step. I've got blue fabric, lots of it. All buried under other things. But it didn't take long to cut strips for a couple of test blocks.

It took even less time to assemble the blocks and peel off the paper. I think Bonnie's made me a convert, at least for this project!

Now it's time to find my strings and pull out the blue ones, and some blue crumbs for the corners.

I'm linking this post to Design Wall Monday at Patchwork Times and Bonnie's Orca Bay Linky Party at Quiltville.


AnnieO said...

Looking good! We get lots of phone books here too :)

carolyn berroeta said...

they're real nice !

Quilter Kathy said...

Nice blocks so far! I think I'm going to use plain old squares for this step.

scraphappy said...

Looking good. I have learned to trust in Bonnie when she give advice about her quilts. She has never steered me wrong.

Rabid Quilter from California said...

Wasn't this a fun step? I think the blocks are adorable!

Ellen said...

Your little blocks look great. Hope you were able to find your string stash.

Candace said...

Love your blocks, especially the gingham.


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