Tuesday, November 29, 2011

WFMW - more movies than we can possibly watch

When I was a kid, my parents owned an appliance store. It was in the first days of VHS tapes and they had a handful of movies to rent...Heckle and Jeckle and another cartoon that I can't remember right now. Then videodiscs came along and they had a rental section of those.

I remember being so jealous of my friend whose parents had a VHS player because she got to rent movies from the Movie Shack. In hindsight, I'm thinking it might've been because they had movies I hadn't seen yet, not because they had that many more movies.

Fast forward a few more years and the appliance store moved to a different location and bought out the rental inventory of a place that was going out of business. For one glorious weekend, we had that inventory in boxes the middle of our kitchen floor. Hundreds and hundreds of movies right there and permission to watch them as long as we didn't get them out of order. Of course we didn't have the boxes with the descriptions, just titles of a bunch of movies we'd never heard of...but it was fun!

That's what streaming Netflix reminds me of. More movies than I could possibly watch, all of them right there. And they're not going away at the end of the weekend. (To make it even more fun, they've started adding lots of those dumb old horror movies that I never got to rent from the Movie Shack.)

Besides providing me with horror movies to listen to late at night when I'm quilting after the kids are asleep, there area ton of old television series for the family to watch. I was surprised by how much my little guys liked Flipper. Who'd have thought they'd like that one?

Right now, the kids are loving Ruby Gloom (kind of an animated girly Addams Family -- it's hard to explain, but absolutely adorable..and you'll have the song in your head for days) and Sgt. Frog (like a Japanese Invader Zim, but better).

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Anna @ Feminine Adventure said...

Lol! That's how I feel when I enter a bookstore. I love the smell and look of books, new or old... then I come home and realize that I have books on my shelves I still haven't read!

simply heidi said...

My daughter and I are working our way through old Dr. Who episodes on Netflix. So fun!

The French Hutch said...

I agree with you, I love the idea of having movies anytime and seeing all the old ones I missed. Nice you can pull up one of your old favorites while you quilt. I also agree with Anna about old bookstores. I remember how the library smelled when I would go with my sister and Momma. Still have to have the books.

Hope your weekend is great.

The French Hutch


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