Wednesday, October 02, 2019

Practical Thrift Store Shopping

When I go thrifting, I'm almost always looking for things I couldn't buy new. Sometimes I'm digging through the bins at the Goodwill outlet just looking for a warm sweater in a yarn that won't fall apart after two washings, but usually I'm after interesting vintage craft supplies or original text Nancy Drew books or stuff that's interesting enough to photograph and put into a thrift store post. 

My summer thrifting got taken over by the quest for shoes.... 

I needed three teenage boys to have presentable feet for the wedding. They didn't have to be brand new shoes, or like new shoes. They just had to be kind of nondescript and not garish sneakers. My oldest might wear his again someday, but the younger two aren't done growing and I don't expect another occasion that will call for fancy shoes.

We went to every store I know of, most of them more than once. There was a pair that were a size too big for my oldest but they were in perfect shape and dirt cheap so they came home with us (and later went to the best man who actually wears that size and also needed shoes.) There were a couple of pairs that were perfect except for the price.

I also called around to see what rental shoes cost. Yikes!  We bought all three pairs for less than my husband spent for his new pair....which was less than the rental place wanted.

As much as I love thrift store shopping, I'm glad that the endless shoe hunt is over. It's much more fun to just wander in and see what's there.

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