Monday, October 21, 2019


I was being so careful to make sure that the headlights were off, that I had everything I needed, that the car was locked....and that's when my phone slipped out of my hand and landed face down on the pavement of  the parking garage. If you're going to break you phone obviously it's going to happen when you're a hundred miles from home and at the very beginning of a fifteen hour day.

If there's a bright side, it's that my phone was years old and far past its prime. And I didn't actually drop it on the floor of  the Goodwill Outlet while I was opening up that treadle sewing machine case a couple of months ago --

Watching myself fumble and catch that phone makes me a little sick to my stomach now that I know what would have happened if it had hit the concrete. Somehow killing my phone while taking my son to an activity doesn't sound nearly as bad as killing my phone while I was trying to film myself messing around with an old sewing machine I didn't even intend to buy. And I've still never left my phone in a puddle in the driveway overnight. 

Stupid little accidents happen to us all and this one will be fairly easy to recover from. I've switched my number to an old iphone my parents had in a drawer, but now comes the fun of getting it updated and downloading and setting up all of the apps. I guess that's my to do list for the week. 

I hear that other people enjoy getting new phones. This sort of thing really stresses me out. 


Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Bummer!! I do like getting a new phone, but I agree, it is also stressful. Every update on my computer and phone causes my anxiety to peak. *sigh* I hope your new phone set up doesn't take too long!

moosecraft said...

Yes. Miles away from home is when it "all"!
I still don't have a smart phone...just a "text phone"...while I enjoy computer technology, I don't enjoy investing so much time in the maintenance of it. Desktop computers are pretty low maintenance...but, smart phones? There are so many people complaining about the software and glitches and batteries running low me a headache...when the day comes that I "need" a cell phone to be able to function in society....that's when I'll give in and get!


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