Monday, October 28, 2019

Fall Knitting

I've talked in the past about coordinating my yarn with the season. This time it was accidental -- I grabbed the skein of yarn to cast on a late night project and realized later that the shading is perfect for fall. I can still claim credit for that, right? 

Honestly, this colorway doesn't look like much inside and under artificial light. It was only when I was knitting in front of the windows at the convention center last week that I realized how pretty it really is.

Why do we fuss so much about Ott lights and perfect color choices if they lighting isn't that great where they'll be seen? Or on socks that are going to be hidden inside a pair of shoes?

1 comment:

moosecraft said...

lol! You said it! Those OTT lights are soooo overpriced and the most they offer is brightness to see while stitching (and most any ol' light does that, right?) Love the colors in this yarn! I tried knitting sox once....not very successful...but, I may try again in the they say...timing is everything!


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