Saturday, October 26, 2019

Less Like Ink Blots, More Like Skulls

Here's my current stitchy obsession -- 

Pyramid of Skulls was a Maynia start and at the time I had some serious concerns about it. I love full coverage pieces, love still life pieces, but oh my gosh the confetti on this one!  I really did think that was going to be too much for me. The projects I love most tend to come with a lot of confetti but this one is something else entirely with so many similar colors and so little definition between the different elements.

Now that I've stitched lot of the black blots, or at the least the outlines of what will be huge black blots, I've got landmarks that I'm using to fill in other colors and it's starting to look a lot more possible.

For a while, it was really starting to remind me of a Rorschach test. Remember those cards the shrinks would hold up in old movies? A couple of years ago I started to read The Inkblots: Hermann Rorschach, His Iconic Test, and the Power of Seeing by Damion Searls, which tells how the test was developed in a Swiss asylum in the early nineteen hundreds. It fascinating stuff, but the book explains it in exhaustive detail and it's kind of dry reading. I only make it about halfway through and although I keep telling myself I'm going to finish that day hasn't come quite yet.

Disclosure -- The publisher provided me with a an advance review copy of  the book. This post contains Amazon affiliate links. 

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