Tuesday, October 22, 2019

{I've Been Reading} Lock Every Door

I read Riley Sager's first book, Final Girls, cover to cover on our flight home from Hawaii a few years back. It kept me entertained and turning  the pages until the end. As much as I  loved that book, somehow I managed to forget about it and not notice that the author had a second one out. So I missed The Last Time I lied. A couple of weeks ago, I saw Lock Every Door in my instagram feed and that reminded me of how much I'd enjoyed Final Girls...

I used to be much better at keeping track of which books I'd read. I also had access to far fewer books in those days before the internet when the selection was limited to what the library or bookstore had on their shelves.

On Saturday, I read Lock Every Door almost straight through, with breaks for knitting and pacing the lobby. The book kept me turning pages and guessing and holding my breath just a bit and wishing the description had give me more clues about what I was in for.

Jules moves into an apartment with strict rules. She can't have visitors, or be away overnight, or take pictures of the interior to post on social media. She can't disturb the other residents or reveal information about them. In exchange for following those rules, she'll be paid a thousand dollars each week for simply occupying the luxury apartment for the next three months.

As readers, and because we've seen the cover of the book, we know that the apartment is too good to be true and Jules quickly starts to suspect that herself. What the cover doesn't reveal -- and what I love most about this book -- is that Jules already has ties to the gorgeous old building. Her older sister used to read to her from a battered copy of Heart of a Dreamer, the story of a penniless orphan who finds herself living the glamorous Bartholomew with a spectacular view of Central Park. Now Jules is living there herself, in the same building as the author of her favorite book, beneath the spectacular gargoyles that adorn the roof. But she's not living in a feel-good book written for young teens.

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