Saturday, May 05, 2018

Looking Back

Five Years Ago...

We still had bees and they were swarming. I was digging through my sock yarn stash, looking for yarn that would do what I wanted for the pooling sock yarn challenge that Judy over at Patchwork Times had dreamed up. I made the quilt and wrote up the tutorial for Sadie. And I used the hourglass units that were originally supposed to become Orca Bay to make a Halloween wall quilt

Ten Years Ago...

I knit the Diamonds and Pearls shawl from cotton yarn that I'd unraveled from a forty-nine cent thrift store sweater.  We went to what I'm pretty sure was our last formally organized homeschool field trip, a Civil War reenactment made miserable by high temperatures and public high school students who really, really didn't want to be there. I'd just finished the scrap quilt I'd remake several years later as 30s Barn Raising.

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