Tuesday, May 01, 2018

{Estate Sale Temptations} The Needlepoint

The sale we visited last Saturday is going to haunt me. It was on of those estate sales where there was old stuff in a new house, and not a whole lot of it (except for the doll room, but I was too distracted by other things to properly take in a wall full of dolls, most of them definitely on the creepy side.)

I was looking at the needlepoint... 

Those four framed pictures in the upper right hand corner? I could have brought them all home for thirty bucks....but I couldn't get near them because a woman had parked her butt on the bed to wait for someone else to look at the doll room and even though I waited a ridiculous amount of time she didn't budge. And at that point I just wanted to get closer to drool over them.

It wasn't until we pulled out onto the main road before the not-buyers-remorse hit. I usually don't feel the need to "save the stitches" but this time it's hit me hard. Parking was truly awful (old people were standing on the sidewalk and yelling at other old people for parking on the street) and I convinced myself that it wasn't worth going  through that again, but it was a bad decision I'm already regretting.

Whoever lived in that house, I love her style.

Look at this cross-stitched doll...

There was a ton of gorgeous tole painting.

And this hanging over the fireplace. It's black velvet. We've seen black velvet in the thrift shops, but never out in its original spot.

I wanted these, too. But there's that whole lack of wall space and can't-have-everything-I-want thing. Plus the fact that I completely and totally forgot about these once I saw that needlepoint.

I did save some stitches. This needlepoint piece was tucked in a closet, wrapped around a cardboard tube. I don't love it as much as the framed pieces, but it was two bucks and those snowflakes are all the most perfect French knots you can imagine.

In a sealed plastic baggie I paid a dollar for, I got not one but two pieces of Bicentennial crewel. I didn't know what they were until I got them home.

If you see a purpose for these beyond pinning them up on the sewing room wall, please let me know. I'm ridiculously in love with them, but why?

These were unsealed and I don't know if they're complete. I did peek inside to make sure they weren't filled with hand traced patterns for doll clothes and saw wooden pieces and upholstery fabric. My fingers are crossed....and I'm wondering if there was a dollhouse before we got there.


Tami Von Zalez said...

OMG I would have gone crazy too. I think you chose well, the winter's needlepoint is amazing.
And those bicentennials *sighs* while I don't collect those, I could see their value.

mpv61 said...

I don't understand about the lady on the bed. Was she guarding those pictures? Couldn't you have said, "Excuse me, I need to get by you; I arranged to buy those pictures..."?

For the bicentennial items, I could see using the tea towel to be the front of a sewing machine cover.

Michelle said...

I should have asked the lady to move, but didn't because I just wanted a better look at the needlepoint. It wasn't one of those "I've got to get my hands on it and not let go" impulses. If she was guarding the items, she wasn't making that at all clear. What she seemed to be doing was sitting waiting for someone in the adjoining room, which was extremely crowded.

moosecraft said...

Wow! Absolutely would have loved to attend this sale! Love the needlepoints...and the black velvet picture as well as the moonlit cottage ones! I would never think to buy pictures like those....but, there really is something about those pics that just makes them irresistible! :-)
The dollhouse furniture looks like fun too! Ahhhhh....the good old days when people had hobbies....these fun little kits were all over the place!


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