Monday, April 30, 2018

Carrying Items Over From Last Week Again

It looks like moving things forward from the previous week's list is going to be a thing for me. I don't mind too much since it's not like those things would have gotten done if I wasn't keeping the list.

I did pull floss for the Grady twins and  there's a surprising lot of it considering how small the project is. Some of the lightest colors didn't work with the fabric I planned on using, so I put that stitching on hold while I figure out where I put my 18 count white aida.

So the plan for this week is to

-- start stitching the Grady twins
-- pin baste blue and white charity quilt
-- choose sock yarn for summer sock yarn sampler
-- pull together shawl yarn and patterns now that the needles are here
-- sew a new book bag for library runs

1 comment:

Christine Slaughter said...

I've had months where I just kept moving things forward from the previous list! Sometimes it just works that way!


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