Thursday, April 19, 2018

Coffee Antique Tin (and why that name sounds so, so wrong)

Remember all of  those vintage needlework kits I've been buying over the past year or so? I stitched one up! 

This isn't my favorite of the kits I've bought, but I wanted to start with something that wouldn't break my heart if I completely messed it up. The package was labeled "a beginning stitchery kit," which helped me make my choice I did learn from this project, and modified my techniques a bit as I stitched my way through it. I think I'm improving.

Overall, I'm happy with the results and it's steadily grown on me. My mother had a harvest gold kitchen when I was growing up and something about it makes my heart go pitty pat a little faster than it might without those gold accents.

There's a bigger kit with flour canisters, which was in the first crewel haul, and there are also four smaller kits. This is one, and I've got the cocoa tin. I'd love to find the tobacco tin and syrup tin and (if I ever got all five of them stitched up) make them into a quilted wall hanging.

The name of the design is "Coffee Antique Tin." Doesn't that sound wrong? Do you know why you want to rename it to "Antique Coffee Tin?"

In the English language, adjectives go in a certain order opinion, size, age, shape, color, origin, material, purpose. We all do it...but we don't know that we're following a rule. And that's the kind of weird thing that you learn when you're homeschooling a pack of curious kids.

Did you learn this at some point in your education? With all of the writing classes I took over the years and all of the books and articles I've read, I never knew there was rule telling you which order to put the words in. 


Tami Von Zalez said...

I haven't done it yet, but I am thinking of putting an embroidery piece onto a quilt backing.
Really like your needlework piece. Well done.

Bridget said...

If you had been in my second grade class you would have known the rule! LOL not only did we know that rule and many others (I find myself repeating them to my own children), we were diagramming sentences. Not that you ever see diagrammed sentences anymore, which is a shame, because you REALLY learn your grammar. Not that I still use those lesson either! hahaha

Anorina @SameliasMum said...

Your embroidery looks great.

grammajudyb said...

I don't remember learning a certain order for adjectives, but it has been a very long time since I was in the second grade! You did a great job on your Antique Coffee Tin! :).

Nancy said...

I don’t remember learning that adjectives have a certain order, but because of vision problems I was still learning to read while the rest of the class learned grammar. Thanks for sharing.

Val's Creative Life said...

I love your idea of finding all five to make into a quilt....but if not, this one would look wonderful hung framed in an antique frame. (I made a Jiffy Stitch when I was young for my Granny's Kitchen. I was so proud when she hung it up for everyone to see)


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