Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Horror Movie Stitching

I finished a thing and I'm getting ready to start a new thing. 

Sunday night one of the cross stitch designers I follow on Instagram posted a snipped of a chart. The first person who guessed what house it was part of would win a free copy of the pattern when it was released. It was late and I was tired and I guessed that it was the Bates place because that was the only horror movie house I could think of....

And now I've got a new pattern that I can't wait to start stitching, Home Is Where the Horror Is from WitchyStitchArt on etsy.  Thanks to that master set of DMC floss I've spent so many hours winding, I've got all of the colors pulled and I could start stitching if I hadn't promised myself I wasn't going to start anything else until I stitched the Grady Twins. And then it was going to be another project....so I've got some priorities to adjust.

While I was thinking it over, I made myself a grime guard. If you don't know (and I didn't myself until very recently) that's an elasticized cover that goes around the edge of your Q-snaps and keeps the edges of your project clean. I've been wanting one for months and since I've got fabric and elastic and I sew, obviously I was going to make it myself.

I didn't want to risk an expensive novelty print and my oldest son had outgrown a pair of horror movie themed pajama pants so I used a leg from those. I should have made my strip of fabric an inch wider, but this will work. And I'll know to make the next one wider when I use fabric that isn't salvaged from old clothes....because if I've decided that I need a grime guard I've also decided that I need a cute one which coordinates with my project.

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chrisknits said...

Well of course it needs to match your project! Cute guard even if it is pajamas!


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