Tuesday, April 03, 2018

{Thrift Shop Temptations} Giant Plastic Bunnies

I like this family of vintage blow mold Easter rabbits. They weren't cheap, not by a long shot, but I can see someone else justifying the price. Compared to what some of the ebay sellers are asking, maybe these were a steal that I wasn't enthusiastic enough to fully appreciate. 

Please remind me that I don't need a family of giant plastic bunnies.

This was less tempting...

Stapled to the back of the card is a plastic bag of wood shavings left over from the creation of the Chuck Wagon. Or of Maudie Ann...I'm not sure. I'm a huge fan of this carousel itself, and of carousels in general, but I don't need leftover scraps.They were a cute fundraising idea, but I'm not sure they've got resale value.

My biggest temptations of the day were some rag doll patterns (which came home with me) and this bowl of wooden fruit.

A combination of trying not to buy things I don't really need and not having a good place to display it helped me resist the temptation, but aren't they neat?

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Ruth said...

Hmm, no pics of the rag doll patterns. Those are fun to see. No, you do not need a plastic bunny family that takes up lots of space.
I'm impressed by the amount of counted stitchery kits you do so quickly. They are lovely to look at.


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