Sunday, May 20, 2018

Purse or Project Bag?

For way too long, I was carrying a purse that I hated. I can't tell you when or why I switched to that particular purse, or what I was using in the months before that, but Grandma's black purse was a bad choice. There wasn't anything particularly wrong with it as a purse, but for me it wasn't functional. I kept telling myself to move my stuff into another bag --I've got plenty of them-- and donate the black one to the thrift shop. It's a brand name and maybe someone who isn't me will like it better. 

I think I was waiting until I'd sewed the perfect bag to replace my worn out circus bag,  which wasn't happening. I still need to sew myself something for travelling this summer -- the goals of a long strap, a secure zipper, and the lightest purse possible still apply -- but for running around town I've suddenly got the perfect bag. 

I bought it by accident at the Goodwill Outlet when my daughter and I went up there a few months ago. We were looking at bags and I put this one in the cart to think about, then got distracted by quilt shop fabric hiding in a bin full of baby clothes and didn't realize I'd bought it until we got out to the car and divided up our stuff.

This was the best accidental purchase! It's got three different outside pockets for my keys and phone. The top zips completely shut so nothing will fall out when it gets tossed into the car...

And look what I can carry in it....

My planner, my 11" Q-snaps, my knitting, my wallet. I very rarely haul all of this around with me unless I'm going up to my stitching group, but on a day to day basis I'm no longer carrying the black purse and my Nancy Drew bag.

Aren't cheap thrift store purses the absolute best? Or is that just me?

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