Saturday, May 19, 2018

Robert Capes Creative Needlepoint Flip Through

If you've been following my recent posts, you'll know that I'm absolutely hooked on vintage crewel kits and some of the newer embroidery pieces in my Instagram feed. There's gorgeous stuff out there and I want to learn how to do it.

I picked up a copy of Robert Capes Creative Needlepoint - inspirational ideas and techniques for creating original designs at the thrift shop last week. I don't think it's actually intended to be a pattern book, but I love the way it's set up. Most of the projects are reproduced as numbered line drawings, like a paint-by-number. Then there are several pages of text, explaining what stitches and techniques were used in each of those numbered spaces. That's a lot more instruction than comes with my thrifted crewel kits!

I haven't read it from cover to cover yet, but definitely will.

1 comment:

colleen said...

The cover is lovely wouldn't you love to stitch it?
Of course you have so many kits that are ready to stitch way over complicate with having to figure out yarn pattern etc


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