Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Not Very Secret Christmas Baubles

There was Anchor variegated floss in that box I found last week... and Audrey was talking about how she used variegated floss to stitch a bauble for Mr. XStitch's (Not Very) Top Secret Xmas Xstitch Bauble Project... and bandwagons can be fun to jump onto....

So I stitched a bauble. I'm not fond of the colors, but this will be one of hundreds and I'm telling myself that it'll be like a scrap quilt where sometimes the ugly blocks make the prettier ones look even better.

I stitched the contrasting center portion first, then the outline of the circle. After that, I could pick up the project and work on it whenever I had time to add a few stitches. I worked each orange peel shaped bit from the outside in, which made the colors kind of swirl. There's a different plan for the next one...and the way my schedule looks this week, there definitely should be a next one!

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grammajudyb said...

I checked out the link to Mr X-stitches Christmas bauble project. I think you are correct about it being like a scrappy quilt. It will be fabulous to see the stitched baubles all together.


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