Sunday, May 25, 2008

Diamonds and Pearls

pattern from The Knitter's Book of Yarn
yarn from a 49 cent thrift store sweater
size 8 Denise needles


I really like this little shawl. It's the kind of pattern I hoped to find in all of those one-skein books.

Because I was using the sleeves of a thrift store sweater, I doubt my gauge was anywhere near the pattern's. I added a few repeats at the end to make it longer and, because I couldn't get the knitted edging to work out right, dug out a crochet hook and tried to do it that way.

I'm now officially in love with crocheted edgings and won't shy away from them in the future.

This is the first batch of quilted postcards for a swap I'm in. I spent hours and hours dreaming up appliqued cards, then realized that what I really wanted to do was piece them. So I'm making flying geese. And pinwheels, but I don't like the way they're coming out nearly as well.

1 comment:

MLJ1954 said...

Great shawl and crocheted edgings rock . . . it is a perfect solution when you are getting to the finish line and facing that unending edge . . . phew.

I like the quilted cards too. My Mom quilted lots and lots and sometimes she would quilt things she called "quickies." Lots of little scraps of fabric and tiny stitches. Wow.


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