Thursday, June 15, 2017

Thirteen Spools

Not bad progress for a night that I had to force myself to plug in the sewing machine... 

It wasn't progress on the quilt that I intended to make progress on last night, but it was sewing that didn't require any decision making and after about an hour of piecing spools I gave myself permission to get back to the knitting project that's kicking my butt.

Remember those Express Lane socks? The first pair didn't turn out because although the yarn and pattern are both great, they're not great together. (The new owner of the socks disagrees with me and I'm happy that she's happy with them.) The second pair is a better combination of pattern and yarn, but the yarn is splitty and there's a  spot where the gradient didn't do its thing (and I didn't catch on soon enough because of a weird long splice) and yesterday afternoon I made a HUGE mistake with the pattern on the cuff. As in, I didn't knit the first two repeats so that part is plain stockinette. Now I'm just trying to get them done so I can play with something else.

Knit Picks is having their Summer Yarn Sale and after sitting out the Big Yarn Sale at the end of last year, I've got a whole bunch of pretty new fingering weight headed my way. Along with two new pairs of dpns because even if no one does anything stupid, they don't last forever.

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Goofin' Off Around the Block said...

I absolutely love the colors of your spools blocks. I'll look forward to seeing the finished top. --Andrea


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