Monday, June 12, 2017

What Was it That I Was Doing?

You know that moment you walk into your sewing room and can't remember what it was that you came in there intending to do? That's my life right now. 

We've been home for a week, but Hubby didn't go back to work until today so we've still been in almost-vacation mode. Now I'm hoping that the kids and I can fall back into our regular routine. I like our regular routine, although I'm going to have to find a new one. All of the swimming classes are over and the classes and appointments that I scheduled life around for so many years are over and done with forever (woohoo!) so now I get to figure out which days I want to grocery shop and visit the library. 

Since those big yucky commitments ended, I've had a series of short term classes to adjust my schedule around. Now it's just us and figuring out what day we feel like doing things on...and which things we feel like doing. I think there's going to be a lot of hauling bikes down to the park. 

And hopefully lots of days at home for working on projects.  I know a lot of bloggers with kids slow down during the summer, but as a homeschooling mom this is when things ease up for me, even though we homeschool year round. It's light later and the kids are outside more. 

I thought I knew which quilts I was working on, but then I saw a couple in my Instagram feed that I'd totally forgotten. How does that happen? And what would my creative life be like without blog posts and Instagram pictures to remind me what I'd stepped away from and never stepped back to? At least I know where all of the pieces of everything are. Or I think I do. 

Ten more days until the Row by Row Experience starts. I don't know if I'll make it to as many shops this year, but I'm looking forward to doing what I can. Maybe I'll even make time to sew some rows this year!

I've still got more Hawaii stuff to share with you, and new projects planned. What're your summer schedule look like? Are you as excited at I am? 

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