Sunday, June 18, 2017

Vicky's Fabrics

This quilt shop was two blocks away from the resort we were staying at. I didn't make it there until almost the end of  the trip because I knew all I had to do was grab my key card and head out while Hubby and the boys were occupied with something else. 

Vicky's Fabrics is full of ocean-themed novelty prints and my daughter and I had a blast narrowing down our choices. Somehow, though, I wound up buying more fabric for her than for myself. Or does it all count as mine since I spent the money and will be doing the sewing?

This was a neat idea...and a completely baffling one. Unless you came to Hawaii specifically for a quilt retreat, just why?! I could barely manage to pick up my knitting because there was so much to take in and do.

Like I said, lots and lots and lots of tempting fabrics...

Here's what we limited ourselves to...

The cutesy narwhals are for a bag for my daughter, the fabric next to that is the panel from the center of the mermaid quilt pictured above, the octopuses are for bags for both of us, and the rice bag prints are for my new purse or tote bag or whatever I wind up making once I work up the nerve to cut into it.


Goofin' Off Around the Block said...

What fabulous fabrics you were able to pick up. I adore those narwahls. My sister and I have a thing about narwahls, so I love to see them pop up. --Andrea

Susan said...

That looks so interesting! I could imagine being there for vacation, getting sunburned in the first couple of days and having to stay indoors. I've done it before. I'd rent a machine cheerfully at that point!


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