Saturday, June 03, 2017

Let's Go Play at the Park!

Besides the obvious sunscreen and snacks and drinks, here are my favorite tips for a day at the river, with links to some previous posts --

I bring a fluffy utility quilt with thick polyester batting to spread over the rocks for a more comfortable place it sit. We bought this one at a yard sale for a buck.

I bring pool noodles and toys with our names on them, because sometimes things drift downstream a bit and need to be identified.

I make sure my phone has a full charge on it so that I can read my book while the kids play and so that my buddy can call if she sees my van parked up on the road and wants to know how much longer we'll  be down there. (I've never had an emergency while we're down  there, but I also want the phone just in case I do need to get help in a hurry.)

And I bring my  floppy hat so I can keep from burning my ears and nose.

What are your tips for a great day at the park with the kids?

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mckie2 said...

Heh - I don't care how much polyester is in that quilt, I still can't imagine it is comfortable on those rocks. I'd think cushions might be a good investment - you know, until the kids throw them in the water and they sink. Maybe that won't happen if you are sitting on them. I wish I had a river close by. That would be wonderful on a summer's day.


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