Tuesday, June 27, 2017

{Antique Mall Tempations} Is Antique Bug Spray an Appropriate Father's Day Gift?

After much debate, the boys and I decided that it is and luckily my husband agreed. He's always looking at the bug sprayers at estate sales and this one was more affordable than what we've seen before and has neater graphics. 

I'm fascinated by this very expensive little desk with the broken chair. The carving in the middle center is an angel, which didn't show up in the other pictures I took. There are drawers down one side and false drawers down the other to make it symmetrical. And the whole thing is sized for a child... so it this something that someone pieced together? Or was that little chair added later? They don't seem to match well.

I love love love old radios like these. Can't you just imagine sitting next to one and listening to Suspense or Lights Out? 


Amanda Best said...

I love the radios, too. My thrift shops don't seems to have as neat of stuff as yours, though. That desk is cool!

Anonymous said...

I always imagine listening to President Roosevelt or the battlefield news with Edward R. Murrow. That's an interesting little desk. The bug sprayer made me laugh. I didn't realize those had become antiques, too!


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