Tuesday, June 20, 2017

{Thrift Shop Tempations} I Do Not Need That

Have I told you how much I miss Advil? Last week I had one of those stupid headaches that wouldn't give up and the boys and I left the house in search of fresh air. Apparently the fresh air can be found at St. Vinnie's and we spent an hour or so wandering every last aisle looking at every last thing... which led to way too much "Mom? Mom look at this! Mom I really need this..."  but I did leave the store feeling better. 

I don't know why the shoe polisher caught my attention. For all I know, it's not even old...and it was definitely overpriced. But about two seconds after I walked away from it, one of the boys pronounced it "cool." I'm sure we'll stumble across a cheaper one at an estate sale someday.

I adore this green furniture. The boys love this green furniture. Even if I had a good place to put it, four hundred bucks was way too much.

Someone please remind me I've got enough Pryex casserole dishes. I don't need more, not even if they have pretty blue houses on them or whatever that nifty pattern on the bottom right is.

I share a bathroom with my three sons, but I will never ever  understand the signs like this one. On the day when I finally snap and make a sign, I won't take the time to cross-stitch it, or spend the money to nicely frame it, and it won't be cute or polite.

Browsing was fun and I came home with an inexpensive Halloween cross-stitch kit. The really neat stuff stayed at the store to wait for the person who can fully appreciate it.

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Mystica said...

I only op shop when I visit Melbourne but oh boy am I tempted!


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