Saturday, June 10, 2017

Looking Back

Ten Years Ago...

My youngest was constantly scaring the other mommies at the park because he was so tiny for his age and insisted on climbing everything he could reach. I was just glad he was scaling stuff that was actually meant for climbing.

My oldest son was wearing his brand new hand knit sweater while looking for rocks in the muddy creek. I stopped him, but only because I didn't want mud in the new van.

I brought home my first treadle sewing machine, one that Grandma accidentally bought at the auction.

Five Years Ago...

I was  celebrating the fact that I could go up and down the sewing room stairs as many times as I wanted to. I still can, but I take it for granted and I'm not nearly as excited about it these days.

I was cross-stitching pretty bookmarks, which somehow led to the vintage embroidery quilt.

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