Wednesday, August 14, 2019

New-to-Me China

For a while now, I've been on the prowl for a set of inexpensive thrift shop china. We've gone through plates at a ridiculous rate because this old house has never had a dishwasher and I'm a klutz. The fourteen-year-old has taken over hand washing the dishes and I don't think he's broken a plate since, but I already had the idea in my head.

I keep seeing articles about how no one wants Grandma's old china sets and they have no value. Why not make our next set of dishes pretty antiques instead of Dollar Tree plates?

Then my mom visited a rummage sale on the last day and the plates were a dollar a set.

Look at these! 

I'm swooning over the grapes and walnuts.

This set seems to be a little newer and if I wasn't giddy about that vintage fruit, they'd probably be my favorite plates in the world.

Now we've got two partial sets of gorgeous dishes and I love them so much more than I'd love a brand new set from the department store.

There's also a third set that's white with blue stripes. It nice looking and functional and exactly what we needed...but these are what I wanted.


Ruth said...

Watch out for any china with metallic edges because they will spark in your microwave!!
So fun to have them around and use them, but they require hand washing for sure.
Lucky you to have a child willing to hand wash dishes, and save them from being broken.

Tami Von Zalez said...

It is on trend to mix and match place settings. I started buying wonderful tablescape items thrift, a buffet length tablecloth. My recent find was a Tulip Time pattern (blue and white) bowl.

moosecraft said...

When I first bought my home I wanted all new and perfect.... just like "Martha"! Well...I'm "so over that"... Now, I enjoy the surprises of vintage and certainly appreciate the craftsmanship in how everyday items were treasured and cared for. Ahhhhh....if I new then what I know now....;-)


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