Wednesday, May 01, 2019

{Thrift Shop Temptations} The Chairs at the Goodwill Outlet

Last week, my daughter and I spent a day digging through the bins up in Portland and falling in love with chairs. 

I'll start with the one that isn't going to haunt me -- 

I love wooden swivel desk chairs. They capture my imagination and make me think of old movies and this one was in great condition and only seven bucks. But I have one already and I like the one that I have.  It's also much easier to resist temptation when the person you are with is buying the thing and you know you'll be able to see it again.

This pretty little rocker wasn't too tempting because even though it was only five dollars I knew I didn't have a place for it.

I walked away without even taking a decent picture because I wasn't tempted. Then I saw it in one of the bins being wheeled away to the back and realized that it hadn't found a home and I felt a little sorry for it.

Then I got back to my own house and a day or two passed and I realized that I had the perfect corner for it. It could have replaced the child sized rocker in my bedroom corner. Damn.

I am totally going to buy a print of The Fairy Tale, but it isn't going to be this one. The whole thing was much greener in real life.

This landscape wanted to come home with me and it would have been soooo cheap. But it also would have taken up a huge amount of my extremely limited wall space. There will be other paintings like it and some will be just as pretty even if they aren't as inexpensive and I really do want to fill the wall space with my own quilts and stitching...

Just because I  can smell the trees and river and imagine crawling over that fallen log doesn't mean I have to succumb to temptation...

If you want to see what else we found, click on the video --

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mpv61 said...

I don't think we have Goodwill stores that go by weight and leave things in bins, but watching the video makes me want to search more seriously for the Goodwills in my area!

I wonder if the sewing machine would have been sold under an "electronics" price since it plugs in. Probably not, but it would be worth asking if you found one you actually cared about.

Fun post, thanks!


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