Monday, May 13, 2019

{Stitch Maynia} The Next Two Starts

I've been doing more stitching than blogging about stitching. I think I told you that in my last post about Stitch Maynia.

Start #5 is Mr. Rabbit, a free download from Maria Brovko's Facebook page.

This adorable little guy may be my undoing.  There's not a lot of stitching but that outlining -- the whole reason the rabbit is so stinkin cute -- is hard to figure out. And made harder by the fact that I'm using aida and have to pierce the fabric to get it in what I hope is the right position.

Start #6 is Peaceful Countryside, an old Dimensions kit by Charles Wysocki 

I do not know where this one came from. I must have either traded another stitcher for it or picked it up in a thrift shop. The previous owner had started stitching it in the middle and after fifteen or twenty minutes of trying to pick out her work, I grabbed the fabric from another thrifted kit and started using that. It's an odd size, longer and skinner than most of the pieces I already own.

After an hour or so of stitching, I'm almost wishing I'd left the fabric where it belonged because that kit is also one I want to start...

I can cut another piece down from my stash. It's just aida and aida is relatively cheap. This is the only one of my ten new starts that I'm not excited to pick back up, so if it goes back into the stash with only a few stitches I can live with that.

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