Thursday, May 23, 2019

{Thrift Shop Temptations} All the Needlework at the Habitat for Humanity Restore

The Habitat for Humanity Restores close to our house are mostly building supplies and appliances, but we've found some interesting things in other cities. These two stores were full of needlework. 

Needlepoint soldiers from the Revolutionary War...

Have you ever seen a barefoot Santa on the beach, cross-stitched or not?

That piece on the left is a fairly convincing photo copy of a cross stitched piece. It's effective and if you hung it on your wall no one but another stitcher would notice..but that's definitely cheating, right?

I love the bright colors on that floral piece.

I didn't get pictures of the sewing machines, because this is a picture heavy post and we all know what treadle Singers look like, but I did take several of the dollhouse with the haunted vibe.

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