Thursday, May 02, 2019

{Stitch Maynia} Start #1 -- A Caledonian Sky

In Monday's post, I explained a bit about how Stitch Maynia works. After lots of debating with myself, I actually waited until the first of May to start my first project.

This is A Caledonian Sky. Mostly the floss and first few stitches of A Caledonian Sky. It's been kitted up in my stash for almost twenty years. I was going to stitch it. Someday.

I printed off the pattern in December of 2001, probably a year or so after I started stitching, and somehow I didn't forget it. At one point, I'd converted the Anchor colors to DMC. Those notes are written on the pattern. Some time after that, I apparently got my hands on the Anchor floss the pattern actually calls for.

The picture on my printout isn't great. But the Internet Wayback Machine is a thing and after some fiddling around to remember how the site works, I found the actual picture and the chart. It looks so much better there!

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