Wednesday, May 22, 2019

{Stitch Maynia} The Decisions Are Getting Harder

With about ten days left, I'm starting to look at my Stitch Maynia plans more carefully. I might be able to start ten more projects, if life cooperates. So which ten? 

These are all possibilities...

There are others that I can't lay my hands on right now. One would be at the absolute top of the list if I hadn't put the required threads in a safe place. Others have jumped to mind but I haven't seen them in months if not years and don't remember which magazine it might have been in or where that single sheet printout got tucked.

Once May is over, the plan is to focus on something else in June and make (hopefully) steady progress on the things I'm already stitching.

So even though it's all in my head I've got a definite feeling of "now or never" or "now or next year."

That still life with the cheese has to be one of my starts, right?


mpv61 said...

I like the cats in the library and the fashion ladies!

Laura said...

Start the smallest one, so you will have a quicker finish. Finishing something will keep your stitching mojo going.


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