Sunday, May 26, 2019

I Stopped at the Thrift Shop Again

Remember that thrift shop that had  the jelly rolls and the charm packs? I had to drive out that way again on Wednesday and look what they'd added to the sale basket....

I was only going to buy a few of these, but they were three for a dollar and fabric was half price and I took that as a sign that I needed to restock on novelty prints for baby quilts.  I didn't buy it all, but at six for a dollar I bought everything I reasonably thought I could use.

The blue floral print in the right hand corner looked like a big cut but it's actually a bunch of 12" squares and something else I didn't measure. That'll limit my options, but it's still pretty fabric. The mottled green is easily a yard and a half. I'm guessing that the others pieces range between quarter yards and half yards but I'm not going to measure it all today.  I will get that masking tape off, because it's only going to get stickier if I let it sit for too long. 

I'm not driving almost an hour out of my way to check for clearance fabric. This trip was to see my daughter's wedding dress which came in the mail and is absolutely amazing. (No pictures until after the wedding, then I'll point you towards her blog.) Planning a wedding today is so much different than mine was almost thirty years ago. She got a fabulous dress custom made to her measurements for half what my dress cost. And she won't be paying for alterations.

We did spend four days holding our breath when the package tracking went wonky, but the bridal shop lost my dress for a while. Both dresses appeared in time so I'm not sure which was worse.

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sewbusy said...

I would love to know what business you used for a custom fit dress.


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